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What is your favorite thing in the world?

A while ago, while listening to an audiobook on my daily commute, I heard this question: What is your favorite thing in the world? Then I started thinking about it…What is my favorite thing in the world? The first thing that came to my mind was traveling, and to make it even more specific, is […]

Your work is a gift

“A band doesn’t ask marketing what kind of song to write. The guy falls in love with a redhead and writes about it. Then she breaks his heart, and he writes an even better song.” -James Victore A singer puts a part of him in a song, and then shows it to the world as […]

Understanding neediness

Neediness- the cursed territory we’ve all been to at least once in our lives, wanted to get rid of as soon as possible and got shit loads of advice on from close friends. I lately see this quite often with some couples around me, and so it made me curious to try and understand what neediness […]

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