About me

Who am I?

Born in Romania. Grew up in the world and looking forward to exploring the Universe.
Who am I? Never being satisfied with the answers I received so far, I started to look for myself, trying to find out THE answer. Still searching...
Some people say I am absolutist and curious. Sometimes too much of both. Most of the time too much of both.
Experiencing the world from 2 meters height, with occasional acrophobia (phobia of heights).
Sunday morning chef. Occasional photographer. 25. Spontaneous poet on the train.
Avid student of life. Firm believer in the power of crafting transformational questions. Currently questioning as much as possible.
At the moment, I am interested in helping people get closer to what truly matters in their lives, and so, I am currently doing this by finding out what truly matters in my life, and share my findings.

So, do you know what truly matters in your life?