The Alliance

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Think of employment as an Alliance: a mutually beneficial deal, with explicit terms, between independent players. Employees invest in the company’s success; the company invests in the employees’ market value. The phrase “tour of duty” comes from the military, where it refers to a single specific assignment or deployment. Soldiers will typically serve multiple tours […]

life goes on

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I wonder why do birds shut up when its raining… they are definitely not asleep i can see some of them moving around maybe rainining is nature’s moment of silence maybe somewhere someone or something died. and then it’s always the birds talking that announce me when rain stops when life goes on.


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It’s been so long since last time i meditated. I used to believe in this shit that it would give me something take me somewhere blisfull… what an arrogance! now i have my black pen and on it  it says: “don’t panic” with an exclamation mark; that’s enough for me to keep me going.

a bit of light

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I keep my curtains almost fully closed; too much light in my room makes me feel like work, guilty, like i should be doing something with the day with my life. Just a bit of light entering my room is enough to get my socks to dry to see my hands my feet and realize  i […]

let the rain

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It was that kind of rain that makes your bones wet and i was smoking a cigarette a small cigarette on my small balcony and it kept on turning off  and my feet were getting wet and i was wondering “why can’t it rain all at once?” but i enjoy the rain everything is so […]

pistol made of bones

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I was shot with a pistol made of bones one bullet through my knees then another or the same  blew my brains then another or the same for my heart. In one moment  I died instantly and dead shall I be for the rest of my life.

I would eat something

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I am not hungry but i would eat something… I’ve got chips on my desk some peanuts and 3 chocolate bars; none of them seem appealing to me i’m not hungry but i could eat something so i’m eating the silence in my room the emptiness; there’s plenty of it and it’s sooo tasty so […]

coffee or tea

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From down the street i can see two women drinking their coffee upstairs on a closed balcony Its 11 in the morning raining and for a coffee’s time, they had each other even though one is looking down the street as the other keeps on talking to her or to the coffee. it could’ve also […]

they know

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Have you noticed how nowadays people build robots shaped like people to ask them what the meaning of life is? In the past, they used to ask  kids or dogs so they can have a laugh or witches, gods, philosophers,  prison cells,  hospitals each other or themselves so they could maybe put an end to […]

like in a dream

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Like in a dream I hear the room vibrating it’s the phone I usually ignore it especially when I’m tired but this time I decided to check who needs me in the middle of the night. The more I read the more i awoke understanding you need me I jump in my black jeans pack […]