I am that – by Nisargadatta Maharaj

The simple and concise dialogue series between Nisargadatta and his visitors from all over the world. Great insights for “spiritual seekers” or just for anybody curious on a different perspective of the world around us and the way we experience the world.

Who am I – the teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

With 16 pages in total, this writing is, in my opinion, the essence of all the nonduality teachings. This book is something that every time it is revisited, there are new insights discovered.

Tao Te Ching – by Lao Tzu

Some call it Tao, some call it Cosmic Intelligence, some call it God state, some call it Universal being, however, it is all the same essence, with different names. Tao Te Ching resembles the beauty and simplicity of eastern philosophy. Since it is an ancient text, there can be found several interpretations on the internet. The free version is my favorite 🙂

The disease to please – by Harriet B. Braike

“If you want to have space, you need boundaries.” I think an architect said that once, and it’s as valid in architecture as it is in life, with regards to human relationships. This book helped me understand the people pleasing contexts, and then offered a step by step approach to become fully aware and overcome it. Only 8/10 from my side because I got the point quite early and there are a bit too many examples.

Daring Greatly – by Brené Brown

Truly a masterpiece from Brené. In this book, she talks about the power of being vulnerable, having the courage to let yourself be truly seen, and the implications this has on leadership, relationships and parenting. All this based on an extensive piece of research. There’s also a viral ted talk on this topic, by the author.

The Icarus Deception – by Seth Godin

When I think of Seth Godin, I see him as the New-Age-Marketing-Nostradamus. The reason is because while reading any of his writings, in the time each was published, I got the constant feeling that this guy is one step ahead in what marketing is becoming. The Icarus Deception is like a manifesto for freelancers or for the ones willing to become freelancers, to put themselves and their “art” (any form of creation) out there in the world.

The Secret Teachings of All Ages- by Manly P. Hall

A compilation of occult and esoteric teachings from all over the world gathered by Manly P. Hall under this fascinating volume. I recommend to check the bio of the author as well, as I found it truly remarkable. His approach is similar with Joseph Campbell’s, but it’s more focused on the mystical aspects. If you are found of Rosicrucianism, Kabbalah, alchemy, cryptology, Tarot, pyramids, the Zodiac, Pythagorean philosophy, Masonry etc, you will most probably enjoy this.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – by Stephen R. Covey

Every time when someone is about to start on their personal development path, I always recommend this book. A true masterpiece, it works around the idea of shifting your “paradigm” or the frame through which we see at the world. I already read it 2 times and I’m still amazed by how clearly it is structured and the great examples that Covey uses for each new concept.

The SPEED of TRUST – by Stephen M.R. Covey

Essentially as the title says it, it’s all about trust, especially when it comes to leading teams, working with clients, colleagues or in your relationships. When I’ve read it, I got to see what trust is made of, and how it can be practiced on different levels, from micro to macro levels. The author, son of S. R. Covey (the guy with the 7 habits) picked a lot from his father’s insights and, combined with his own experience, launched this great book.