January 12, 2017 Daniel Pleșa

We can make it better

Most of us are, one way or another moving towards something and away from something else

I want to become a doctor, a professional, a manager, a director, I want to have a family, I want to own a house etc. all this making me go away from where I am now to the better place of where I want to be (assuming I will feel more fulfilled).
I want to bring more impact.To move away from the current state of the world- towards a better world, to making the planet and the living beings coexist better. My personal, borrowed version of better.

In every single moment of my life, I am caught up in this away from- towards game!
We all believe that there is something wrong (with us or with the world or both) and that we can make it right. This is a constant throughout our entire lives. We keep feeling this, and at the same time keep on looking for something that would ameliorate or end this chase. There are times when we forget about this for a while, but then it inevitably comes back.
And for some reason, most of us die with this belief that something is wrong and that, if we had more time, we could make it right. Or at least a little bit better. 
Throughout the entire history of mankind, this was a constant. There was always the belief that something needs to be fixed or made better. Isn’t that a heavy burden to carry? 
If nothing is wrong, then nothing needs to be done right, meaning that maybe nothing needs to be done at all.
What would we do if nothing needs to be done? It would be boring, inconvenient. Imagine a world where nothing is wrong…or imagine this world, with nothing being wrong about it…

On a similar note…

What if sinners exist only so that saints can exist? What if there are wars and conflicts only so there can be heroes and peacemakers? We could not know one without the other.

Now, narrow that down to you. What if you have a conflict, so that you can feel that you are right? What if you get robbed so that you can feel a victim and receive pity, justice, attention? 
But what if nothing is wrong in the world? What if, everything around us is exactly the way it should be? What if the world needs nothing extra from us?

We would just go on with our lives, just living. Take a moment and look at animals: they are not wondering about their purpose in life, no worries, no suffering (different from pain), no becoming, no improvement. We don’t need to become animals, but maybe they can see something we can’t.

However, we want more because we are superior and separate. We are special. We must have a higher and higher purpose, more meaning, more stuff to do, more importance in the eyes of the other, we want to feel unique, but also connected with the others…what a paradox, this growing need for uniqueness is the one keeping us disconnected.

A new year just started. 
What if we look twice when we set our chase for the new year? What if we relax this time? What if everything is taken care of? 

What if what was meant for you, will never miss you, and what will miss you, was never meant for you?