March 31, 2017 Daniel Pleșa

What is your favorite thing in the world?

A while ago, while listening to an audiobook on my daily commute, I heard this question: What is your favorite thing in the world? Then I started thinking about it…What is my favorite thing in the world?

The first thing that came to my mind was traveling, and to make it even more specific, is traveling to discover beautiful (visually esthetic) new landscapes as well as emerge in a new culture, soaking in the way the people see the world, their values, traditions and stories.
The reason why this is my favorite thing in the world, is because it makes me feel alive, and gives me a lot of new ideas, opening up possibilities of future projects and a general sense of abundance in me.

Now, the interesting part is that I started asking this question to people that I met on a daily basis. And I was totally surprised by their answers. Initially I just asked as a great conversation opener, but then I started documenting it in an excel sheet, with age, current country of residence, country of origin and what is their favorite thing in the world.
What I found so far is that there is a correlation between the country of origin (mainly where you grew up in the first 18 years) and the favorite thing in the world. For example, if you grew up in India, one of the favorite things is to visit green landscapes, or if you grew up in war-zone country the favorite thing in the world is to enjoy time with your family in a peaceful environment.

The research is ongoing, and I will share the final results once I can get 1000 responses, covering an age between 18- 80 if possible. If you would like to participate, here is the link. You can also forward it to friends, the more the better.

But until then, use this question as a conversation starter. It can give you many insights about the person in front of you and open many conversational windows to take it further on interesting topics.