June 25, 2017 Daniel Pleșa

an island

The good thing about being an island
is that people will always associate 
their best memories with you

Fine beaches, 
palm trees, 
a never ending avalanche of sun rays and sun sets and sun rises
you are the different thing in a monotonous life
you are sun ray in a rainy grey life
you are ground in the middle of the ocean
you are shelter in the wilderness
you are booze and fun and hammocks and swimming 
in a life of concrete and emails and rimming.

you seem to have forgoten:
an island was once land
and will always be longing
for belonging
to the land.

i will wait
with the patience of the old continent
for another tectonic rearrangement
so you can finaly come closer
shore to shore
as there is no boat
that can take me to you 

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