June 12, 2017 Daniel Pleșa

a great listener

I feel it's time
for Jesus to pay us another visit
it's been a while already...
I'll drop him a voice note
later today

If he'd come
I would take him out
get him drunk,
to see who he really is
who is he really
working for.

Then I woukd take, him
for a greasy 3 am shaorma
with onions
from the shop around the corner
so he can have a taste, a real taste
of what it means to be human.
So that I can say
Jesus Christ, this is so good.

Then I would carry him home
on my almost broken bike
but I wouldn't mind if it breaks
he's my friend now after all
and he'd do the same for me
if only he had a bike.

I'd play some Led Zeppelin
maybe start with the imigrant song
so he can feel like home
while I pour some beer

then we'd talk about
broken hearts
family issues
champions league
I would read him some of my poetry
he's a great listener, that's for sure-
while good times bad times rolls in

By the time I'd finish my story
he'd fell asleep on the couch
with his glass of beer
spill over the carpet
Jesus, I guess
you really can't hold our

I'd put a blanket over him
take off His holy shoes
And turn off the light:
i really hope He's not an Early Bird
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