June 12, 2017 Daniel Pleșa

automatic reply

Hi Marry,
Hope you're doing great
i just wanted to follow-up
on the conversation we had
looking forward for your reply
best regards,

hi Marry,
i don't really care how you're doing
can you send what you promised?
i'm waiting marry...

hi Marry,
i hope you wake up one day, and do the great things you are capable of 
but always postpone
i just want you to follow-up on that bothering fire that keeps you wondering "what if"
look forward Mary, and give your reply to the world
regard your best,

Automatic reply:
"I am out of my mind and will get back to you as soon as i return. 
If urgent, i don't care.
You can't fire me 
as i'm already
on fire."

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