May 27, 2017 Daniel Pleșa

Floating on the river

I know what brought you here!
I see your black hole
spinning in your eye,
drowning me in.

I've listened to your story,
your flowing river of words.

Take me to your river,
to where this river comes from.
I want to go,
I want to know

You agreed
with your smile
and came closer,
ready to float
on our imaginary boat.

But out of a sudden, I couldn't go;
The anchor of my past love
and maybe shame
and maybe pitty
was too heavy 
to be dragged along.

You understood!
I saw it in your smile.

And as I took you by the hand,
you kept on speaking to me
through your very tight hold
and I kept on listening to you
while floating through the crowd.

I saw you
for a moment
I saw who you really are:
a little Universe
full of rivers
and black holes
and birds
and dreams
and screams
and hearts
and a sun burning so strong,
that lights other universes 

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