April 13, 2017 Daniel Pleșa

give, give, give, give, give

Give give give give give
Give yourself to the world
Give a finger
Then your hand
Both hands
Give them away to any stranger
There's no danger
Give them and move on.
Give your feet and
Then your legs
Your steps, your shoes
Give them to any street
Give your feet
Give them away.
Give them anyway.
Give your body
Your liver
Your lungs and ribs and neck and shoulders
Give them to the sea
Cover them in sand and white sheets
And give them away.
Give your eyes
Your ears
Your mind
Your tears
Give your time
Your mouth
Your love
Your money
Give them away
Don't even pack them
Just give them to the world
As they are.
As you are.
Because only when you've given yourself fully
then you will not be a beggar
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