June 5, 2017 Daniel Pleșa

I am

I am the Eyes
That fly over your breasts
Like an eagle
Flying in vain.
I am the Piece of Shit
That never really knows
how bad it smells
(the only truly satisfying fact
for a piece of shit
is when more fresh shit comes on top
don't come on top!
don't even come close.)
I am the Sun
that gives himself away
every day
ray by ray.
I am the Bull
that never asked for horns
but fights anyway
maybe he can get away
one day.
I am Money
lose me
or use me
to feed your hopes and dreams
and shut the hunger
as it screams
and louder.
I am a Rock
at the bottom of the ocean,
heavy and unknown
but where a fish can hide
for a while.
I am Dust
that gets moved and removed
by your soft hand
just to find my way back later
on the shiny surface
of your sholders
of your lungs.
I was a No!
I am Not yet
I am a Saint
I can easily be
anything but me.
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