June 25, 2017 Daniel Pleșa

i won't complain

"This chilli con carne
could have been spicyer"
we both agreed after finishing it.
we drank that cold coke
and went back to my room

You inspected my room
like a detective that goes to the scene of the crime
for the first time
( even though
it was your second time there.)
as you were inspecting my room
my clothes
my postcards
my neightbours
i was inspecting you
your clothes
your moves
your flavors.

i then lay on the bed
it was a good bed
large, comfortable and white.
you lay near me
and i suddenly
the object of your curiosity.

we kissed.
it was too soon.
i understood,
layed back
allowing the inspection procedure
to make us more familiar.

we then made love
it was love for sure
because my feet
were not my feet anymore
because i could feel my chest
going up to my mouth
and become one with yours
one with you.

i hear Benjamin screaming from the shelf
and i think to myself
he's right, i can't complain

I only wish
this would never end
these soft baby hills- covering my chest
these five crazy horses galloping around my belly

oh, how i missed you
with your familiar body and tiny nipples
with your curly hair and curly ways

"Though my good days are far gone
They will surely come back one morn
So I won't, I won't Complain"

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