March 15, 2017 Daniel Pleșa

In bold

I heard you can't read in dreams
But I can read your big bright eyes
That look at me in bold italic ways
In a language
I feel I understand.
It seemed you were my neighbour
And my brother tried to love you as well
But you were there only temporary,
Only visiting
My hometown village.
I went to sleep excited that night
With a pleasant pain in my stomach
And then I woke up the other day
With disappointment in my stomac
Bitter, bold and italic dissapointment.
This is how my life goes now:
I dream of endless possibilities
And then I wake up, always looking for you
In every stranger's curly hair
Behind every door that just opens
on every train station
every day
every hour
Only to wake up
again and again
To endless impossibilities.
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