June 25, 2017 Daniel Pleșa

like in a dream

Like in a dream
I hear the room vibrating
it's the phone
I usually ignore it
especially when I'm tired
but this time I decided to check
who needs me in the middle of the night.

The more I read
the more i awoke
understanding you need me
I jump in my black jeans
pack my bag for the next day
take the chewing gum
tell you to make a tea
as i'll be there in 15

Surprise! Bike is down
plus a beautiful flat tire
I didn't get mad
maybe I kinda expected it
I just thought
well, this is gonna take a bit longer.

While sweating my way through the night
I think: if this is not love
then what is?
I somehow arrive
I look like I gave birth to twins
without the screaming part.

We drink our tea
you are sweet and soft and worried
Do not worry, I am here

We go upstairs
I put my long hands around you
none of us can sleep
but at least we are together
us and the god damn mosquitos.

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