June 25, 2017 Daniel Pleșa

too much summer

Songs that I didn't know the lyrics of
were playing on and on
so I went outside for a cigarette-
you followed.

I gave you a cigarette
and then a lighter
cause you had none
and then we smoked in silence
it was the most silent silence
I've wittnessed

The others then came out
and after a while
I decided to leave.
You joined me again

We danced at the entrance
just like the good old days
your body knew the same moves
and my body rememberd
all those moves.

The song ended
and so did my stay there
I headed to the exit
and you followed again

I hugged your inviting body
your skin was soft
yor hair was fresh
everyrhing was summer.

Then i stepped out the door
but not before
making the mistake to have one last look
back at you
now all I carry with me
is your beautiful 

And its a long way home
my lungs feel heavy
and its 4 am again
too much summer
too much of everything.

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