The Curious.

I love lifting weights, reading about blockchain technology, riding horses, thinking
about the future of work and petting all the good dogs out there.

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What I'm Reading

A brief summary for each book I read recently and that influenced me somehow. Click the book title to read my complete takeaways (for the most recent ones).

Guerrilla Netwoking- Jay Conrad Levinson & Monroe Mann

A different approach on the old concept of networking, Guerrilla Networking is about becoming the type of person others want to meet as opposed to going from person to person begging to meet you. Easy read, with plenty of examples.

So good they can’t ignore you- by Cal Newport

A book that illustrates why the “follow your passion” cliche advice is actually flawed, and instead suggests a new way to look at our careers, all backed up by Cal’s scientific approach. Great read especially if you are at the beginning of your career.

The Artist’s Way – by Julia Cameron

Practical guide to unleash creativity, regardless of form (paintings, writings, plays etc). Well written, with clear examples on the topic, helping the reader to stay committed to the practices presented. The book is broken down in 12 weekly practices to be followed, which is actually the author’s course written in a book format.

Open Secret – by Wei Wu Wei

A great book by Wei Wu Wei, interpreting the Heart Sutra, but also addressing the human illusions concerning free will, God, time, space, and cause and efect relationship. Easy to read, but needs some time to digest.

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