January 26, 2017 Daniel Pleșa

Owning nothing

Imagine a world where you would have no possession…
Now try again, this time with ABSOLUTELY no possession, where you don’t own anything.
It’s easy when it comes to the mundane stuff we own, like clothes, a bike, maybe a house, a card, an ID, a desk, a job, food, etc.
But go further. Absolutely no possession means more than that.
Imagine besides the above mentioned, you do not own your country, your body, your breath, your thoughts, your memories, ideas, your friends, parents or any realationships, your taste, smell or any of the senses, you do not own them.
How would the world be in this case?
What makes an object (of any kind, regardless of it’s nature or state) to be “ours”?
What makes ownership possible?
Let’s take a pen. What would make the pen change it’s state from being “just a pen”, to becoming “our pen”?
1. Somebody might give it to you, and then it becomes yours, just because that person declares and admits your new ownership over it, and because you accept the ownership.
2. You pay for it and then it becomes yours, just becasue you trade (money, another object or any other form of value), and because you start believeing it is yours.
3. You steal it, and then it becomes yours, just because you took it knowingly from somebody else and said and believed it’s yours now.
4. You just claim it, and then it becomes yours just because you claim it first.
All good for now, right?
But what about the body? What makes the hand in front of me be “my hand”? What gives me ownership over it?
Nobody gave this body to me (in a sense that I was not here prior to the body to receive it from somebody else), i didn’t buy it either, nor did i steal it…maybe i just claimed it more and more over time, to the point where it’s mine by default.
Same with all other items. Just because only I can hear the thoughts, doesn’t necessarly mean they are mine.
But then, we might ask ourselves, if they are not mine to whom do they belong?
Does everything need to belong to someone in order to exist?
In any case, imagine for a few seconds that you do not own anything. How is it? Who would you be, stripped away of all possessions?
Now, what if nobody in the world owned anything? What would be the implications of this?